Finally the video is HERE!!!!
Jay-Z goes ARRRRRD on this… JHEEZE!

Def Poetry Jam: Lemon

June 29, 2009

SHUTUPPPPPPPPPP Nows the time to sell your Wii’s and get involved with the future.

Michael Jackson Fans

June 26, 2009

For those of you who forgot what MJ did when he landed in your part of town, here’s a quick reminder!


Finding out this legend has died has shaken not only me but the world.
I’m still waiting for someone to tell me that its not true…..
Till then here’s some of my favorite MJ videos…Enjoy..


”1 day” Teaser

June 25, 2009

This movie is set in Birmingham and looks like Adulthood with 10x more greezyness chucked into it.

This film looks F*cked!! Jeeze!!!

Ok better late than never but ahh here it goes…

12 Dirty Bullets – Downsides To Making A Living

Ok so last weekend we were invited to go see some friends of ours launch their debut album in Soho… It’s Friday, you’ve been at work dealing with other peoples shit all week… Q: is there a better way to let off some steam than to rock out and party with 12 Dirty Bullets to celebrate their launch?

A: There is no better way, so keep reading 🙂

We arrive at The Borderline shortly after 9 to see a varied crowd, mostly female (just how we like it) of all walks of life, I was quite impressed with the early turnout as the supporting band “Filthy Swines” put in a solid performance and I found myself quite getting into their sound, the crowd were feeling it and thats always a good sign. The lead singer had a certain flair about him and it was clear this band are one to look out for (“Filthy Swines” – get in there early people).

Ok after Filthy Swine we were greeted by a little change in pace for the last supporting act who I dont even want to really talk about because:
i. They were shit…
ii. They were on some next hype about having interscope knocking at their doors and being better than every rapper in the world. – I swear I heard the manager say something about the next Nas – I have the footage of the performance but they asked me not to post it (It’s only suitable for Fail Of The Day anyway).

P.S. Oi fam holla at Westwood for me and tell him my par game is tight, safe.

Ok onto the main act, oh shit before i jump onto the main act lemme just talk to you guys on a level, now three of us attended this event and we didnt exactly make an effort to blend in or suit the surroundings as you say and the fact we came like a mobbed out papparazzi team didnt help but you know how it is anyway, the Nothing But Talent celebrity status was in full effect, so inbetween getting slyly recruited, networking with fellow bloggers/artists and generally making our presence known, our photographer Tracer had enough time to give a fellow canon EOS member a quick masterclass in how to leng people down with the camera in style which lead to the official quote of the day:

“spending all the money in the world on expensive cameras and lenses doesnt make you a photographer”

Now this may sound a bit arrogant but if you saw the way this guy was going on like an excited pupil showing Tracer his camera everytime he took a shot just begging his approval was too much joke and warranted this statement.

Ok 12 Dirty Bullets jump on stage the crowd are hype, I swear down everyone was like a supporter, I heard football style chants, people screaming “I love you”, allsorts. They kick it off with an upbeat number that the whole crowd know. Now bare with me because I wasnt familiar with the songs at the time and I was on camera duty and being male I find multi tasking quite difficult so I cant tell you the exact order of tracks what I can tell you is that these guys were f*cking tight and passionate about their music, everything seemed natural the drummer was legendary, Jamie’s lead vocals sounded as sweet as they did on the cd with ferocity you would expect from a live upbeat performance at times he seemed possessed by the music. I particular liked that when it came to the bridges the whole band would like huddle up and face each other to really vibe off one another and put their all into the moment.

The crowd made the performance even more enjoyable with everyone singing along, jumping about, generally revelling in the music.

Make sure you go buy their album look out for the review on the page shortly and the indepth interview sometime next week.

My favourite tracks of the night were Downsides To Making A Living and Champagne & Cocaine.

Its official, these guys f*cking rock and are destined for big things, definately Nothing But Talent!!

oh yeah look who we found in the crowd leanin…

Fail Of The Day – Nikki from BB

and we also bumped into

Tinie Tempah –