Geeneus – Volumes 1

December 20, 2008

Geeneus seems to be consistantly ahead of the game in everything he has done. This is the first fully fledged funky album I have had the pleasure of coming accross and it is full of bangers!!! If you’re a funky fan you have no doubt bussed the one finger dance to at least 3 of the tracks on this album so I shouldnt really need to tell you what Geeneus is about…

What you do need to know is that Geeneus knows the flippin levels and the bonus cd is the sh!ttttt (swear down, one of the best funky mixes i’ve heard) bump that in your car on the way to work/rave to forget all your worries, its just right, not too soulful, not too tribal and not too commercial… cop it.

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