Ok this was one of my tunes of the day yesterday so i thought i’ll stick a snippet up for you… catch the full thing on a CD somewhere someplace somehow.

From the producer of Lil Wayne – 3peat and Prostitute Flange comes the remix to Neyo’s attempt at making funky (agree or disagree) anyway i think its better than the original enjoy.

Music: Neyo – Closer Remix


Extra Normal Watch designed by Ross McBride – £139

The “hour hand” is actually a disk, with the hour hand reversed out, exposing the numbered face beneath.


$300 – Release date yet to be announced



… Skankin out to:

Music: Pure Vibes Ents – Funky Mix 25-05-08

Download Here

Hold tight PureVibes doing his thing, look/listen out for his podcast and the collaborations.


Apocalypse by *fatz87 on deviantART



Forgiveness please… I have completely neglected this blog, but sometimes life takes over.

Anyway I was supposed to be posting up the tunes I’m feeling as and when I come accross them but seeing as I havent posted anything on here I’m just gonna post the older ones (they are still bangers dont worry)

First up…

Dear Jayne – Rain

They made it rain on a quick one… I’m itching for the album quit delaying it o_O!

Hold tight the people that know already, theres no need to message me saying “that tunes old and reh teh teh” …let me know if you like it tho!


Top 3 Selected.

June 28, 2008

Long day today, but it was productive so its all good… look out for the mandem in Napayia this august with something special… if you see us Ha-Holla!

Tunes Of The Day:

Monica – Dont Take It Personal
Invasion Crew – Takeover Remix (CAN YOU CAN YOU CAN YOU?!!!)
Neyo – Closer Remix

P.S. Look out for the new Danae’o tune its another banger could be another Devil in a blue dress but remember i told you yeh!!(Why isnt he signed? single deal at least… come on ministry you can sign that rolex hype and not the biggest tune in the funky circuit right now? allow it.)


Cool Cups

June 28, 2008

Pantone Mugs Orange 021 C – “I got Miiiine, You better get yours”

Crinkle Cup designed by Rob Brandt

Ceramic Milk Carton designed by Seletti – For those of you who can’t help but drink straight from the carton



June 15, 2008

(Photographed by Benjamin Enebi II ~Inspiration By Light)

Theres something big on the horizon…

Music: Kryptonyte – Its Too Late