Week 1, Day 2…

I’m a little less enthusiastic about writing this today partly because im tired and partly because I’m watching the lost boys in the background, my attention span is a fail right now.

Anyway day 2…

I wake up, get ready for my 12.30 meeting…

Yes I’m late, I’m black I cant help it, it’s in my genes… PAR!

… and the weathers shit… PAR!

Meeting done and i’m thinking about my belly star, but instead of coppin take-out, I decided to hit sainsbury’s and do shit properly…
I didnt have no change to get them lightweight trolleys so i had to draw for the hand basket, it was only until half way into my shopping i realised this wasnt the best idea when i actually realised how much shit i had to buy and carry… PAR!

I blantantly got sucked in, shoppin whilst hungry is definately not advisable…. Can you guess how much I spent on that shit??

… shopping done, i’m home, i’m like cool so i spunked bare dough on shit what am I actually going to eat?

Fish finger sandwich and a mix later, I’m like yeaa some homemade nando’s would be a definate win!

Now dont be fooled, even tho this chicken is on basic when i’m done with it, it’ll come like its on enhanced fam (RIP Esco)


First step you take the chicken

Next step clean its rasslcart

then you put bare random tings in the mix


… ahh fuck it i cant be bothered with these bullshit skanks and i cant remix the tune to make sense so boy…

heres the final product complete with uncle bens fake fake peri peri rice…

Somewhere between coooking this food i managed to design this cover for Lucky Number Sleven Mixtape and release the shit on the blog, look im becoming a photoshop guy biggup Ham.

On to football, fucking fuck Man utd’s overly swag performance, why did i go to watch the game at my bredrins with 3 arsenal fans (they are always bitter) a liverpool fan and an over passionate Man U, you can imagine all the hate flying around the room…

I concerned myself with more important things like getting paid off the laclustre performance..

But that didnt work for me either out of 10 bets i swear i got nothing so thats a jacks i’ll never see again… PAR!

…and thats another day in the life of a guy, who’s living the life of a teacher without teaching.

Now f*ck off and leave me to watch Lost Boys…. Tomorrow peoples


Inspired by the delightful Jo Fuertes-Knight and LikkleP or Peigh as he refers to himself, I have decided to blog how great my days are seeing as I’m off work and I’m getting paid to be off work.

Week 1, Day 1.

The beginning…

Much like the local legend DDT, I’m a lazy man and if I’m not working and I’m alone I will never try to get out of bed till AT LEAST half past three (yes 3.30pm – how I miss uni) today was no exception… Oh yeah before I forget, Gus, fuck yourself, 9.36am… I thought we were family maaaayn 😦

So I get woken up at 9.36am, say some mad incoherent shit and go back to sleep wake up properly at like midday return the call and reply to texts that found their way to my phone…

My to do list for today (not in any particular order)

Check email
Wake up

Rub my back

Eat food

Piss friends off on facebook who are actually working for their money
7pm meeting – with a man about a dog, that barks really loudly when people try to break into your house – 10pts if you guess the dogs name (starts with A)
Clean the bloodclart kitchen

Finishing sanding the room before 2359hrs
Wash my skin

Ok waking up done, washing my skin done, checking email and replying to people done – davinche’s promo team are doing a stellar job at emailing me regarding Rider’s imminent release btw (do you guys fancy returning the favour and posting some links to Lucky Number Sleven Mixtape?? Holla at me you got my email… Dont act like you havent!)

Onto the bit i hate the mostthe dishes After a lot of my prescious time spent its all done and dusted, time for a celebratory drink. Daytime Rum Punch anyone?? Caution this punch contains the following ingredients… Notice the majority of these are alcoholic and only one of them is rum, good times. Juice made, tipple sipped its now time to fulfill the most important list item for the day… EAT FOOD, who knows about having breakfast at 5pm???? who really knows…. uni peoples ha-holla at me. On route to the BK drive thru, with my credit crunch busting golden ticket to the land of greasy see-through sheets and heart disease… everything tastes better when its free, dont you agree? Anyway i go BK hand over my voucher for a free whopper, the lady at the till gives me a meal, and tried to show me how much of a dickhead i was for offering to pay for the fries by struggling to pronounce the phrase”Compliments of” more fool her, until i got home and realised she tried to sabotage my life with bare mayo on my burger (I’m allergic to that shit so boy),


what she didnt know was that i am the definition of an 80’s baby and taking lemons and making lemonade wasnt only a survival technique for me, it bought my fucking car.

^^ thats how you eat a whopper with only half a bun fam.^^

Ok met the guy about the dog then quckly went to check G, give him the tracked cd of the Lucky Number Sleven mixtape…

… exchanged a few words looked at my car to see…


Ok am I being paranoid here or does it look like someone tried to pop a shot at me…?

How do you end a great day off work?

with hot ribena and Fifa online clubs, thats how 🙂
(Youtube ‘The Shooters Sexy Football’ for goals, I wasnt involved in none of them goals i’m new to this shit)

Tomorrow people.