Tune Of The Day…

January 31, 2009

Mario – You Should Let Me Love You

This tune was way too much when it came out, I’m not sure if people fully understood it at the time… It was actually written and produced by neyo, he tried to pitch it to a label to get signed and ended up selling it to mario (bet the people responsible regret that move today)


When 50 says ”Hes gonna fuck your life up” you know what he means don’t you?
Well if you remember what he did to ”JA RULE” then definitely know what 50’s talking about.. lol!!

Ross I aint gonna lie your one of my favorite artists but please be careful buddy! 50’s wild!!! LOL!!

Medley posted up Kanye the other day acting very eccentric, now here’s a clip of
Lil Waynes getting interviewed by CBC’s Katie Couric.
Yet again we see another artist who seems just as eccentric. I’m intrigued. I mean who really drops quotes like ” Gangstas don’t ask questions”, I’m surprised Lil old Katie Couric didn’t panic and call for security when he dropped that one!
I must admit this is one interview that I’m looking forward to watching in FULL!

Jet Li – Fist Of Legend (Final Scene)

This fight reminds me a little bit of the legendary Bruce Lee “Game of Death” scene with Kareem Abdul Jabar, It’s probably the height difference. Is it me or does the boss remind you of an oriental nazi?

what do you think?


Alright f*ck it i’m jumping on this flippin war report ting… I know it may feel like a deja vu (92.3fm) ting but its necessary! The last time these two clashed it was epic (in the grime scene at least) so heres the vids…

Durrty Goodz vs Wiley

Wiley – Angry Garden Gnome

Goodz – Cokey The Snowman

Wiley – End Of The World

Goodz – Bras, Panties, Coke & Cameras

Who took the crown?


What sort of creepy, satanic, weird, I wanna become a vegetarian now shit is this!
Meat puppet?? He looks more like do do brown but this is a debate that I don’t even want to get into!
Oh and the lyrics, who wrote the lyrics for this? Maggots in my Perm etc etc etc Diesels marketing team are nuts..lol!!
Gotta admit though for some strange reason this advert actually works and makes me wanna go into a diesel shop next time I pass one.
Big Up Boss Arbouche(MusicIsLife)for giving me the heads up on this one!

It wasn’t to long ago we posted something up about Rinse and he’s back again this time involved in a ”Lyrical War” against Jeeday Jaws!!! About time someone new started a beef…!!!

RINSE – ”Jeegay Jaws” (Jeeday Diss)

JEEDAY JAWZZ – ”The night I killed a nerd” (Rinse Diss)

Who do you think came out on top??

There are 1 – 9.5 parts to this.. Here is 9.5 showing all the best bits!
Been keeping my eye on this guy hes pretty funny!
Say ”Shhhheeeeeeeeeeeet, don’t jealous me” in your best African accent and press play! Jokes!!

Street Fighter IV

January 28, 2009

Yes, Street Fighter 4 is here and there’s a bunch a new characters mixed in with the classics!