i’ll do anything”was taken off the Angel of War LP and the video is below! Check it out!

I think the old 50’s Back!

Tru Life has more than a Few Hot Lines on this track!. Seems to be a different Tru Life from the one I use to see on the smack DVD’s talking about jacking people etc. Maybe Hova has had that $ sign influence on him. Could only be a good thing! Jeeze..!

This gets a thumbs up for me! What do you think?

This track use to rip Nottinghill Carnival apart back in the day! Jeeeze…

N.O.R.E. – Superthug (What! What!)

You found Noreaga? In the Philippines? He has a mansion?


Just when we thought the Mack was returning Mark gets arrested for kicking someones ass and is supposedly in custody as we speak! Is it just me or is this guy always in some sort of mix up!
Well as they say any publicity is good publicity and coincidentally his new album IAMWHATIAM is scheduled to drop in September!
Till then lets go back… way back as I nominate Mark Morrison for Tune of the day.
I had to do it. This guy was an International Star with Return Of The Mack if you didn’t know!


Mark Morrison: Genius or Nutcase?
Dame this track took me back when I heard it Jeeoke!
I was most definitely playing a higher level of kiss chase with some feely ups slipped in there somewhere! This track gives me some real flash backs of alcopops, strobe lights and my days as a virgin raver at Pulse Night Club in Ruislip! The one thing Pulse had in common with the film Fight Club was the code of silence, ”The first rule about Pulse Night Club is you never spoke about Pulse Night Club….Ever” Enjoy the video below…

I know you sang along don’t act like you never..lol!!

This tune taken from the “See Clear Now” is great, I don’t know why I like it so much but I always catch myself singin “fiiiiiiiiiiiive” fnr.

If you’re a grime fan go support his album, its 100% grime and you’ll definately like it – TELL THEM BOYS IM GONE AGAINNN!

fnr = (for no reason)