Sophia Marie is the chick starring in Drakes ”Best I ever had video”
You know that after doing this video her career is going to catapult into another zoneeeee!!

Sophia Marie

Is she worthy??? Hmmm….ehhhh??

Hot Pick or Miss hit??

Looking at someone eating soup today in the work canteen made in the most sloppy way imaginable made me envision them as one of the infamous Garbage Pail Kids .These stickers were mad when I was younger. Random pictures of the worst sort of dysfunctional characters you would never want as a friend, relative or even enemy! The questions I asked myself when zoning out into my own world were:

Why did I love them so much?
Why were they so addictive to collect?
Why did they cause mass brawls in the playground if someone tried to swap you some next crap one everyone else had?
Why did I like the most grimey ones?

The answer I came up with was simple Garbage Pail Kids were visually f*cked for anyone under the age of 8 and sometimes even older. My dad was very strict back then and I remember him once randomly picking up and sifting through my Garbage Pail sticker book. He looked at me like I had the sign of the devil as a birth mark on the top of my head for liking this shit and was even more pissed that both him and my mum had been funding this weird addiction of mine. Oh and before you wonder what happened next believe me when I say that sticker book got BINNED!!…..*&”$%””*R…
Thank God the movie came out soon after! Come on, you never forgot about the Movie did you? Let me refresh your memory……

One of the Youtube comments was ”They should make convicts watch this 3 time a day”! Hahahaha wow from what I can remember it wasn’t that bad was it???

Click here for some next sight that enables you to raise your own Virtual Garbage Pal Kid for those who have more time on your hands than me…lol
I F*uckin wish I still had My Garbage Pail Sticker Book!

I F*ckin Wish I was on this show, the way I would of won it all no long ting!

Who’s with me?

Sidenote: the 2nd youtube comment on the first video is better than your album