The Mobile aimed at Four Year Olds on SALE SOON!?!?!!!

June 24, 2009

Now what sorta of dumb b*stard came up with this idea?? I just hope they have giving this person a full CRB checks to make sure there name don’t pop up on that list! You know that list!!
Seems like a Dublin based firm behind the launch of the Firefly mobile phone pictured below is planning to launch these phones in the UK later this year after a successful run in Ireland. Hmmmmmm………………….!

The Firefly mobile – ‘7000’ sold in Dublin already!
But on a serious note who the hell would a 4 year old be actually calling on a mobile phone? His girlfriend from nursery? His imaginary friend? His lawyer?…WHO??? Please don’t say the parents because I would have thought that a four year old would be with their parents most of the time?? ………..Whats next Cars for 2 Year Olds???lol….Madnesss!!

One Response to “The Mobile aimed at Four Year Olds on SALE SOON!?!?!!!”

  1. Dig Dash Says:

    I wish I had one when I was 4!

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