Jordans X’s out Petes name – FAIL

June 23, 2009

Jordan Jezzing in Ibiza
I’m sorry but Jordan is a different individual. If bank account balances equaled to brains she would be Einstein. Unfortunately that’s far from the case!
I seriously feel sorry for Peter who seems to be just trying to do what he should be doing and that’s being a Good Dad to his kids while his wife is losing herself in Ibiza!
On her adventures it seems like Jordan’s gone to visit any old drunk dirty needled tattooist to get this great cover up over peters name, which looks like the work of a great artist. I can see it now, Jordan drunk slurring and dribbling whilst asking for the masterpiece below to be sketched over his name! lol!!


Ehh what a great cover up! I’m truly inspired.

….and the ”Skanky Baby Mumma” award goes too?????


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