Transformers: Bumble Bee @ Westfields this weekend

June 20, 2009

omgghbjnbhbkjpiounjhl Bumble bee in my own back garden… shattap. If your not a transformer fan you wouldnt understand.

“As part of our push to launch Paramount Pictures latest summer blockbuster, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, this weekend we’ve had an 18 foot tall replica of the Transformer Bumblebee installed in the Westfield shopping centre’s main atrium. You may have seen him in press coverage already, attending the première on Monday evening.

The yellow and black Chevy Camaro-turned-robot will be there from today until Sunday, surrounded by Activision gaming pods showcasing the latest Transformers XBox 360 game.

Made from steel and fibreglass, Bumblebee came in 4 pieces with a combined weight of over 2 tonnes, complete with 4 ‘handlers’. We’ve also furnished the friendly fella with his own security guard to keep those pesky mallrats off him”

I’m going shopping tomorrow meet me at the bumble bee statue i’ll give you a badge if you come and say hello 🙂


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