Big Brother 2009 Diary – Sree Loves Noirin

June 16, 2009

Hearing Sree pouring his heart out to Noirin and watching her bouncing off every word like he was talking jibberish was not just emotional but also cringe worthy suicide. I wonder if it comes to a point when your in the big brother house that you feel your not actually being watched by the nation?
If you never saw it and want to feel my pain just click the picture below to check out the video….If you dare that is… lol!

Could this be the Biggest Par on TV?


2 Responses to “Big Brother 2009 Diary – Sree Loves Noirin”

  1. Dig Dash Says:

    Sree is such a douchebag!
    That scene when he sat next to her in bed sent a shiver down my spine.. I thought he was looking to do her a mischief! Noirin needs to brush this fool asap or his psychotic ways will get the better of him!

  2. Medley Says:

    Line of the year:-

    "your inner beauty is platinum"

    I'm putting that in my wedding vows, accent an' everyting!!

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