Morning Wood… (Girls Look Away)

June 15, 2009

Ri sent me the picture of this f*cked up T-Shirt guys would only really find funny. I think I want one cos the shock on other peoples faces would be priceless. Imagine your at the checkout in a store just about to pay for a few bits and bobs with what looks like your knob hanging out. The cashier will either pretend she hasn’t seen it, start bussing up, scream or even call security. Whatever she decides to do its a ”win win” situation. JEEEOKE… only question I have now is……..

Does it come in Black?

3 Responses to “Morning Wood… (Girls Look Away)”

  1. Dig Dash Says:

    I'd rock this at a rave!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    LOL!!! hahahahha! Love it!

  3. Jurel Says:

    jeeeez your f'd… "does it come in black?" as closing comments lololol

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