June 13, 2009

This video has my ass in stitches, but at the same time is kinda sad. This dude really lives like this.
He really has to flush is outdoor toilet/hole in the ground with a cup of water!
He really has to live with that tacky novelty fish you see in the first 10 second of the vid.
He really lacks a local Supermarket and has to slaughter his own ‘pets’ for his DINNER.

At least he has something we all lack…. HIGH LIFE SHERRY!
Fuck Patron, LP, Ace of Spades, Moet, X O… All that shit is now redundant due to being common as fuck..
I’m doing the Nas/Belly ting and I’m off to Africa to holla at that man.
HIGH LIFE here I come!


One Response to “MTV CRIBS AFRICA”

  1. Gusto Says:

    Bussing up!!!! They even have the music…!!
    That guy looks like my uncle from Ghana, I had to second glance at the

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