Transformer Caravan on Steroids

June 4, 2009

You gotta love the Japanese! When it comes to technology they never cease to amaze me!
Now to tell you the truth I’m not one to really like caravan homes and not one to really sleep in any hotel less than 4* when I go away but this caravan is da SHIT bredrin!
This was hand made from start to finish and even has a button in it to make it all come to life, no manuel pull shit down crap! This is the future….lol!!

You thought I was lying init!

Check the wooden finishing though!! Shut uppp!!!

Who needs a Mortgage??


2 Responses to “Transformer Caravan on Steroids”

  1. Dig Dash Says:

    That is the sheeeee-it!
    I want one… but what happens if you accidental 'close' it whilst in the living quarters?

  2. Gusto Says:

    You know thisss!!!
    If that closes when your in there! Lord knows! LOL!!!!

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