Big Brother 2009 – ”Society shows its privates”

June 4, 2009

New Big Brother Diary Room
looks like LSD on a TRIP

Oh shit! Its back. The open mental institution for celebrity wannabes who seem to never understand that this show is most probably the worst move they will ever make in their life (Well unless you win all that money at the end)!
You can imagine the sort of contestants were gonna see already init!… Some carbon copy replicas of previous contestants on a hype lol!! Was gonna go deep but refrained…jeeeze!!!! lol!
I don’t know about you but life just doesn’t seem the same if you cant measure your sanity against those who enter the big brother house. I can definitely say that I’ve come up clinically normal compared to half of the weirdos that have taken homage in my living room since that devilish show started.

Whats the difference in selling your soul to Big Brother and selling your soul to the Devil??
The devil will always give you change!

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