My Bum is on your LIPS my Bum is on your LIPS!

June 1, 2009

Bruno with his bum cheeks on Eminem’s face at the MTV Awards

If someone would have said that Eminem would have had a male ass or any other sort of ass on his face at a packed MTV awards I’d of slap them for talking sheeeet! But guess what, it did happen!! Bruno was presenting an award at the event and was getting lowered down by a cable directly on top of Eminem. Ass too face business…! Em was Pisssed!! First off he ordered his bouncers to remove Bruno’s ass from his face the he got up and left the event!

All I have to say is the homosexual community must have been on there weegie boards before the night of the event praying for this one to happen! LOL!!

Good Humour or Sick Joke??

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