Dont ask why just ”Sweep the leg Jonny”

May 22, 2009

I’m in one of those moods today. Ok yea its Friday and yea its also a bank holiday weekend but so what I still wanna just Sweep The Legs of certain individuals. I don’t care if they had nothing to do with it or if they don’t know anything about whatever I still just wanna Sweep The Leg!! Why is my new assistant singing ”All the single ladies” first thing in the morning? Does she feel this will make us have some sorta connection?Ehhhhhh…. Sweep the Leg!!! Why do I keep coming across wack deluded vector artists who have no creative ability but want payment upfront?! Sweep The Leg!! How can you try bring your mountain bike on a packed bus are you dumb Sweep The Leg!! How are these MP’s eating are money in the most fraudulent way without getting prosecuted?? Sweep The Leg….wait for them to get up Sweep the Leg again!! Why is my lap top the shittiest Lap top in the world? Sweep my own legs for not having upgrading to a Mac Book when I had the chance… Slippin!

I’m sweeping legs today people…I’m sweeping legs……..

I need that focus Jonny had! Look in his eyes!!

Can You Relate??


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