He had me for a minute…

May 13, 2009

When I first saw this cover I immediately googled Ross’ LV shades. I read that they were custom made Louis and it made sense seeing as I couldn’t obtain a model number for the shades. That was that- Until I came across the article below- how disappointing!?!? I mean, I read about how Soulja Boy was supposedly rocking fake Gucci’s here and there, but today I read and saw a post with the boy coming out of Louis Vuitton loaded with bags and armed with a $12,550 store receipt! My point is, when you have X amount of money, you can customize your items till your hearts desire, but it immediately becomes a problem when the designer, LV in this case, is arguing that the item you have is counterfeit and not one of theirs! Jeez! Read more below…

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