10 Tips on how to spot a Gold Digger !

May 5, 2009

This is one list men need to be aware of and keep close!
Gotta thank Bossip for the heads up! Big up!

1. she asks you to buy her something or borrow money early on in the relationship.

2. She wears a long weave down her back, cakes on the make-up and doesn’t have a job.

3. She never offers to pay and only says thank you occasionally…as if she’s entitled to your spending.

4. She only wants to go to expensive restaurants.

5. She has dated multiple professional athletes.

6. You catch her online reading the lipstick alley message board.

7. She wants intimate details about how much you make.

8. She doesn’t demand you wear a condom or “says” she will go on birth control early in the relationship.

9. Physically speaking, you two are completely mismatched.

10. She only lets you hit it when you buy her something.

Are you reading this and getting mad???…..If so… you know what to do! lol…!!



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