Calling all Sushi lovers on a budget…

April 6, 2009

Ok, so Gusto and I have been checking out a few hawt places the past two weekends… what with the current economic downturn and all, we thought we’d see if eating out could be affordable and hearty as we once knew… week one, we went to good ole Yo Sushi! in Westfield’s Shopping Centre. This actually came about as I was forwarded an email offering a 1/3 off the final bill at any Yo Sushi! bar- so, with that said, I signed up via the website and tada!- 24 hours later I was emailed another voucher.

Personally, I love sushi, I don’t have any quarms wolfing down tuna rolls, salmon teryaki and the chicken yakitori- so this is what we ordered… I must admit, being with a sushi virgin, being very picky and an extremely apprehensive eater, this eat could only go one of two ways: exceedingly good, or drastically wrong…

So to my surprise, G actually wolfed down his Prawn Yakisoba, and cleaned up everything else. Plus I got the added pleasure of watching him eat with chopsticks… We had 5 bowls, 3 orange and 2 purple- bowls are colour coded and all colours are fixed in price so they calculate your bill based on how may bowls you had. We actually had a great turnout, our final bill came to £14.00 – I couldn’t really ask for more, we got fish, seafood, dumplings, noodles and meats- so we both thought we got our moneys worth. If you’re looking for something casual and different-healthy and hearty, then look no further than your nearest Yo Sushi! outlet- There’s something for all tastebuds out there…

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