‘Mission One’ Bike By Yves Behar

March 5, 2009

Mission One – Designed by Yves Béhar
Price – $68,000

Mission One bike designed by Yves Béhar is a electric two-wheelers with a top speed of 150 mph and an estimated range of 150 miles!

The bike’s lithium-ion battery recharges in two hours, and there’s no tail pipe or gas tank since there’s no internal combustion engine.

The first 50 bikes will be a special limited edition and will be released in 2010 costing you $68,995 while a standard and more affordable version will be announced this summer!
Dont let me get one of these MOFO’s!! This Bike looks like all it needs is Knight Riders voice programmed into it and your in a next zone! VROOOOOOOOOOM!

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