Preview: T.I’s Road To Redemption

February 9, 2009

Road to Redemption- T.I’s upcoming reality TV show airs February 10th 2009 (USA) which I believe will be a real big hit. I’ve been a fan of T.I since I can remember, and I’m quite excited to see how he copes with the daily struggles of doing his “time”. There seems to come a time in each artists life, where they actually believe they are invincible and thus, in turn, end up in complete and utter shit. So here he his, on a countdown until he next hears the clinging and clanging of those steel handcuffs. If you ask me, he seems to be a very lucky guy, 1000 hours of community service and a one year stretch commencing this March as opposed to thirty years… he got off lightly… 

In a recent interview with Hollyscoop, & MTV the star says he is: “anxious to move forward and put this behind [him],” he does not have a hard time explaining himself to his children. 

“My kids are smart they know what is going on. They know the difference between their Daddy and other peoples Daddy’s so it was never hard to explain to them.” 

His children and fiancé Tameka Tiny “have got his back. That’s how my family works,”

Indeed, that is how family works. I actually believe the statement above. Tiny’s one of these women who will ride till the death for hers. Believe me, I know what hardships are all about. 


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