”Meat Puppet” Diesel (CULT) Advert! This is F*CKEDDD!

January 30, 2009

What sort of creepy, satanic, weird, I wanna become a vegetarian now shit is this!
Meat puppet?? He looks more like do do brown but this is a debate that I don’t even want to get into!
Oh and the lyrics, who wrote the lyrics for this? Maggots in my Perm etc etc etc Diesels marketing team are nuts..lol!!
Gotta admit though for some strange reason this advert actually works and makes me wanna go into a diesel shop next time I pass one.
Big Up Boss Arbouche(MusicIsLife)for giving me the heads up on this one!


2 Responses to “”Meat Puppet” Diesel (CULT) Advert! This is F*CKEDDD!”

  1. Medley Says:

    I dunno bout this one, i think ima save judgement until i see the jeans….still tho, WTF!

  2. Jurel Says:

    The “scandel” bit is on a straight r kelly trapped in the closet hype… you sure this a 3 minute advert for jeans?

    That video is so fucked, reminded me of chuckie from childs play 😐

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