Some truly excellent photography taken from above London.

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Some Joke!

December 17, 2008

Listen to the guys screams when they get him! 
The Prime Minister doesn’t even flinch, if things are being thrown at someone next to me, i’m still jumpin out the way – seems like a set up, Obama beware!!

This… Is….London
We dont have no bloods and crips we have,
guy ritchie cockney gangster flicks we have,
greasy fingertips from fish and chips we have,
youts acting skitz and bussin sticks we have,
hustlers tryna move bits of green, bits of brown, bits of snow,
i’ve seen some come and ive seen come go
and i’ve seen some stand and i’ve seen some fold
not everything that shines is gold.
im not buying it, im not rocking it
you can put the gun in my hand bullets in the clip
but if it aint life threatening or dont involve family or a friend then
theres no need for me to try and get a name
i’ve got one already
i dont need fame
i need recognition
i had a premonition
i had the vision and talent to make people listen
no matter the colour, creed, age or religion or,
sides you rep, your ends or your streets
i cried like swiss over this sway beat,
i had a nightmare that i died in my sleep
when i woke i realised that my life was a dream
the matrix was real and my chick was trinity
i think someone dropped that red pill in my brandy!

my lifes on some next shit,
i feel like david beckham when
posh found them sex messages
i mean text messages
them sex text messages
delete em
your inbox
really dont need em
i feel like im in the box and my hearts beating
the priest is preaching
i can hear people screaming
they need another hit
im the drug that they’re needing
i feel like im on the highway to hell speeding
in a car with no brakes foot down and its raining
too many broken promises
trinity is complaining
i wish the blue pill got taken i cant take it
the corners tight at this speed i wont make it
the car flips, im upside down a fire starts
i reach out and rescue this cd cos its art
you’ll hear it for yourself if it gets found and played
i saw the future listen to it
its in the vocals i laid.

i was driving down the road i saw an accident scene
this dudes car flipped over and it took him out clean
and he werent unconscience like he was in a daydream
i mean stone cold steve austin straight r i p
i looked at his wrist when the sun hit it and it did gleam
and the traffic wasnt moving so i hopped out on the street
there was enough bobbies on road, uniform and CID’s
i thought this dude had on a watch it was really a cd
but everyone started lookin at me really funny
so i lied and said i knew him took the cd and his money
got back in the car before the po-po tried to arrest me
although the car crashed was no scratches on the cd
put it in the system, started listenin
thought i would hear grime, hello listeners what i did find
it was the guy who just died, knew his car was gonna flip over,
so why did he not get a bus or rent a whip with a chaffeur?

(Words by Gusto & Mickey 2 Time)

This video is very deep! Kanye is a musical genius especially when hes making the beats. Here’s a little video insight into some of the tracks that inspired him to make that fire! Theres one 80’s track that he ain’t messed with yet which I’m gonna do b4 he he can try and make it a hit!

Watch this space. I may even blog the video tomorrow just so you know that I know a classic when I hear one! LOL!
Its very true what they say ‘Real Art is definitely timeless’!

Watchmen ohhhhh weeeeeee!

December 10, 2008

When it comes to superhero movies I’m in there like swim wear! This looks ill!!
My local DVD man better be on the look out for this shit!

Early 09 release date get involved!

You may not be too familiar with the name, but you definitely know the work!

His work has probably touched you in one way or another, be it through his work with Louis Vuitton, Kanye West or his Manga influenced animation (which can be seen in the Kanye ‘Good Morning’ video).

It’s always good to put a name to a design movement – you can see more of his work by logging onto his site at

Easy Peasy Japanesey

December 9, 2008

If you thought bashment was never big in Japan, or even existed within that region of the world… You do now!

But not that suprising… considering it’s Japan! Crazy mofos I tell ya.

MOVES ARE SICK BREV! lol.. Synchronisation 10/10 and all sorts.

– Ham