Dont want No ROBOCOP!

December 1, 2008

I went to the cinema on Saturday to watch Four Christmases which was some funny shit! ”Google me Bitch”…. You have to see the movie to get that but anyways. These crazy kids ran into the cinema on a mad one! I don’t know if there adding to much sugar in the popcorn or to much colours in the fizzy drinks but if I had one of those stun guns there would have been a lot dribbling in ‘Row S’. Now although I was pissed me off I just grinned and bared all the popcorn throwing and banter while the film was running. It was only till after the film I thought wait a minute I’ve paid to watch this film and could have got more from setting my money alight!

When I was leaving the screen I asked to speak to the manager and was trying to swindle some free tickets. Now the manager of the ODEAN in Park Royal is ROBOCOP! Thats right ROBOCOP, OR ROBOCOPS BABY MUMMA OR SUTTIN!!! She had no feelings she was mad mad mad! One cold hearted B*^&%! Its like whatever I said she came out with the same bullshit line … ”Well if it was that traumatising you should have come out of the movie and complained earlier”! This was winding me up more than the situation itself!
She was like ‘So what can I do to make you feel better’
The relply by me was ehhh ‘Free Tickets’ Which wasnt the most clever thing I could have said… But it was the truth.
I didn’t get what I wanted and I’m still pissed off!
Moral of the story leave 3 minutes before the films finished to get maximum results!

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