Retro Gaming

October 3, 2008

Hello Everyone, its been a little while since I posted and actuually spoke to you but i’ve been mad busy trying to take over the world – its harder than you’d expect it to be!

Anyway I was at work the other day (not working) thinking about the good old days when all of sudden I was flooded with memories of the computer games I grew up with. Now usually I’d be too busy to entertain these memories but that day I really didnt feel like working so I jumped on google and started looking up all the games.

Boy! there was a hell of alot of games that I played and looking back on it I can kinda see why I’m a little bit crazy cos the sort of games I remembered were completely f**ked – Ask Gusto he was there and his collection was worse than mine.

Now I’m taking it baaaaaack this aint a SuperNes ting, its barely even a Nintendo or Master system ting I’m talking Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari ST, Sinclair Spectrum ZX, Gameboy, Atari Lynx and Arcades like Streetfighter II (I was the best, still am)

So in homage I have got some youtube videos, some video montages and some cover art for you to see if you relate to any of these games.


2 Responses to “Retro Gaming”

  1. Medley Says:

    Rah, that Street-Fighter 2 talk sounds lik a challenge!!
    Im the original New-York, navy-blue, Kung-Fu Ken, who wan’ tes me!?!

  2. Jurel Says:

    Sounds like a Street Fighter II tournament in the making….

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