Puffy Daddy + Hit = ”Swaggerificfits”

September 22, 2008

No matter what you say about diddy he is a musical icon. He made phrases like
…..” I like dat” or ”take dat” or even baaaaad boooooy famous to the point that when you heard it you knew what time it was. Plus he was the driving force behind the late great Biggie..

This video here shows someone who is indeed on a different planet!
All I can say is that if all those shoulder shimmies, shiny suits and ad libs got him to where he is today I’m about to slap on a shiny suit do a few shoulder shimmies down the Uxbridge Road and ad lib my way to the top…….(Yea right!!..lol)

This is so me…. I was quite scared when I saw this cos when I feel like I’ve made a hit I do the same $hit puffs doing!!….”Take dat”


One Response to “Puffy Daddy + Hit = ”Swaggerificfits””

  1. Jurel Says:

    Did he put tropicana on his cereal??

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