If You Dont Like NBT/Me/My Music/*Insert Generic Haterist Comment*…

September 16, 2008

… You Must Hate Money!

Thats my new shit, I dont care if its somebody elses old shit, thats my new response to any sort of haterist statement, either that or suck yourself through a calyspo straw!

Anyway back to the actual point, I was recently asked to take a listen to a rapper called Drake by one of my friends and after doing a little research and listening to a few freestyles and tracks I realised that this guy was actually decent (having decent beats is always a good start). He seems to have alot of tracks with Lil Wayne which is never a bad thing and it seems that weezy has taken this Drake fellow under his wing so he cant be entirely shit, have a listen.

Drake Ft Rich Boy – Must Hate Money

Drake Ft. Lil Wayne – Ransom



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